Niekie Jooste – Welder Destiny (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this interview, welding engineer and futurist Niekie Jooste addresses a wide range of future-facing topics including Education, Resource-based companies/countries, Blockchain, QA/QC, Google, Science fiction and career planning.

Click here for Part 1 of the interview.

To hear more of Niekie’s thoughts on the future and to better prepare yourself for the coming ‘onslaught of the machines’, be sure to check out the Welder Destiny site.


0.00: Education of the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for teaching.

7.09: Resource based countries/ companies – how to maintain their revenues?

11.03: Which evolving technologies are most exciting in terms of potential to improve our future?

14.46 Where did Niekie’s interest in the future originate and how long has he been thinking about this topic?

16.29 They all missed the internet!

17.42 How does Niekie’s view of the future impact on his own career planning?

20.00 The Google platform, commonality with Facebook

22.53 Find out more about Niekie

Martin helps clients keep on top of their pressure piping and equipment integrity issues via stress analysis, FEA and fitness for service. His recent research paper on welding tees was published in the ASME PVT journal. He is the author of  various piping software including the X313 excel plug-in for B31.3 allowable stresses, the Salad post-processor for CAESAR II users and web apps on this site.

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